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    MTO Approved Beginner Drivers Education Course Provider - Targetting Road Safety and Flawless Driving

    Online Theory Lessons


    MTO Approved Beginner Drivers Education Course Provider - Targetting Road Safety and Flawless Driving

    Trained Professionals


    MTO Approved Beginner Drivers Education Course Provider - Targetting Road Safety and Flawless Driving

    One-on-One Road Driving Lessons

About Us

Welcome to ZAB Driving School

We are an MTO Approved - Beginner Drivers Education Course Provider. We provide an optimal and affordable driver’s education program for all members of our society; including but not limited to teen drivers, new drivers, nervous drivers, senior citizens and new immigrants.

The present-day teenagers have a very busy routine. They must meet the requirements of their schooling, sports activities, jobs and leisure time with friends. Amongst all this, they have no time to attend driving school course in the class. We have therefore planned to provide online training for Beginner Drivers Education Course.

Our students can now take advantage of our digital courses in the comfort of their homes. The online offering allows students to avail our year-round training at any time as per their own schedules. In-car sessions will be provided on the roads of Oakville and Brampton by our most experienced and qualified staff.

Our Mission

High standard driver's education to ensure safe and flawless driving.

After completion of our program, we want you to walk away from us feeling confident and safe behind the wheels. ZAB driving school students are taught by a group of highly qualified instructors who understand the challenges of beginner drivers. Our staff is trained to deliver guidance on what to anticipate on the roads and highways to assist safe driving habits. This is not enough! An instructor should be able to offer solutions catering to each student’s individual problems. That is the speciality our experienced staff ultimately brings to the table with the goal of allowing for defensive driving. An instructor has to treat each student differently catering for his/her background, ability to undertake pressures of driving and ability to grasp the concepts.

We are committed to teaching defensive driving techniques to teenagers and adults in an environment where learning is fun, schedules are flexible, and total customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

It's very easy just give us a call or text us or fill up your request on ‘Register’ tab of this website and we can call you back to start the process of Beginner Drivers Education course.

Register form is not the requirement if complete course is not to be taken. You may call or text only for in car practice lessons or use of car for the test.

You may also email us for any questions or inquiries.


For enrolement and payment please call on 289-400-8115. Payment is accepted through debt/credit card or interac e-transfer. Prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Complete BDE Course $655.40 $580 + HST = $655.40
    • 20 Hrs Online Course
    • 10 Hrs Digital Course
    • 10 Hrs in Car Lessons (one on one)
  • One Hour in Car Lesson $60 $53 + HST = $60
  • 05 Hours In Car Lessons $300 $266 + HST = $300
    • SAVE $25 by Paying $275 only
  • Use of Car for G2 Test $130 $115 + HST = $130
  • Use of Car for G Test $160 $142 + HST = $160
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Note: These rates are effective Sep 01, 2023 Road test rates are for Brampton and Oakville only. For other Test Centers, the rates increase depending on its distance from local city/town.

Driver Resources


Once you acquire the knowledge provided in those tests, you are ready to pass the test, the first time.

G1 Practise Test


This course is designed to give you detailed knowledge of the G2 road test criteria that DriveTest examiners utilize during a G2 road test in Ontario.

G2 Road Test Ontario